Bleed was launched in Torquay, Victoria on 6th September, in Melbourne at Readings Bookshop on 9th September, and Sydney at the Auburn Clinical School of Medicine on 23 September, 2015.

Tributes to Bill’s life and work can be found here.

Bill Williams has been featured in media across Australia talking about the book. Select interviews and reviews appear linked below.


bleed draft image 4Review in Medical Journal of Australia (204 (6): 243.)
by Marion G Carey, MB BS (Hons), MPH, FAFPHM
April 2016
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Wednesday 4 November 2015, Bill talks with ABC Overnights.

Listen to the interview on ABC Overnights.




bleed draft image 1 image from Neil Cambell

Thursday 17 September: Bill talks with Natasha Mitchell on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program.

Listen to the interview on Life Matters.






Williams and Gardener in good weekend 12 September

Saturday 12 September: Bleed was featured in the Good Weekend in both the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Read the Good Weekend article.






ABC interview

Monday 14 September: Bill spoke with Jon Faine on the Conversation Hour on 774 ABC Melbourne radio about Bleed.

Listen to Bill on The Conversation Hour.

(interview starts at 13.50 minutes)

Launches September 2015


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video: Bill Williams in conversation with Professor Fred Mendelsohn at the Melbourne launch of Bleed, explaining why he wrote the story.

Torquay bleed launch

At the Torquay launch of Bleed, Sunday 6 September 2015.

Prof Fred Mendelsohn and Dr Bill Williams in conversation - Bleed launch, 9 September 2015 at Readings, Carlton

Prof Fred Mendelsohn and Dr Bill Williams in conversation – Bleed launch, 9 September 2015 at Readings, Carlton.

cropped-bleed-draft-image-4.jpg REVIEWS

  • Review in Medical Journal of Australia (204 (6): 243.): April 2016: “…Written with medical insight but also with a novelist’s skill and sensitivity, it is a perceptive, honest and articulate story of struggling with human suffering and loss, and of the importance of love.” ~ Marion G Carey
  • The Senior: 4th September, 2015“Williams’ easy, conversational style of writing draws the reader in, keeping us engaged as we will Gisela to get better.”
  • ABC 774 Conversation Hour: 14 September 2015: “…an incredible story … fascinating … a reflection an many layers..” ~ John Faine.
  • Life Matters: 17 September 2015:Bleed reads like a medical thriller … a unique insight…” ~ Natascha Mitchell.
  • Geelong Advertiser: 19 September 2015: “A Torquay doctor, Williams tells the devastating story of how his wife suffers a brain aneurism in the remote western desert of Central Australia. There are the facts — 40 per cent of those who suffer aneurisms don’t survive the first 24 hours — and there is the very personal story unfolding before us, of Gisela’s frightening descent and eventual recovery. It is a beautiful love story.” ~ Margaret Linley.        Wild Man Press